"Alex is AWESOME!  His workouts are great!

I like that he really listens to what you need.  I joined a company bootcamp/workout session that lasted for 8 weeks.  When I started I had a slight back problem.  Alex adjusted the workout routines that I was doing so that by the time "bootcamp" was over, my back was better and I was stronger.  I lost 20 lbs.  If you are hurt, he'll give exercises that will help you.  If you feel that the exercises are too easy, he'll adjust the routine to give you a challenge. 

He has an awesome attitude too.  Just really fun and energizing!"


"Alex is the best. He is the perfect personal trainer you were looking for all your life!

He is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. He is pushing you in a very subtle manner. Being a dentist, I had lots of tension headaches that was effecting my life style. Since I have started with Alex, I have not taken even one pain killer. Bye bye head aches. He knows how to work around your injury and making you stronger. I also never ran in my life and he is training me for long distance running. Even though he is very sophisticated and full of knowledge, his style is very natural and he does not make things unnecessary complicated.Thank you Alex!"

"I have had back and neck pain for the past 10 years. I have tried acupuncture, Pilates, yoga, chiropractor, physiotherapy, and different styles of massages and nothing got me better. Beginning of this year, I was taking painkillers at least three days a week. One month ago I started training with Alex two days a week. The changes in my body are unbelievable. I have no headaches anymore. Every morning I wake up, I can't believe I'm painfree. I feel a lot stronger and healthier and I started to love my body again. As the previous reviewers said, he is just the right amount of challenge. He pushes me enough to work out but not too hard to give up... I can't believe it's February and I have already reached my first new year resolution " to be pain free and healthy"! I am now training for my first running race in my life! :)"

"Alex is passionate about his profession and it comes through in his training.  My wife and I have taken private lessons together with Alex for about a year. The most appealing aspect of training with Alex was his flexibility with our schedule. He worked around our busy schedules and was flexible to move our scheduled sessions to accommodate us.
You don't have to already be in shape to start training with Alex. He is a trainer that has all the tools for anyone's level of fitness. He trained, inspired me and prepared me for Tough Mudder,Spartan Beast, San Jose RR Half, Trail Half, Presidio 10k and Bay to Breakers. Please keep in mind that I had never ran over 5 miles before and prior to Alex. I DESPISED running!!!!
I highly recommend Alex for all levels of fitness!"